Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roy Scheider Dies at 75

Roy Scheider November 10, 1932–February 10, 2008.

I'm going to miss Roy Scheider, a great actor.

Some favorite titles, besides "Jaws" are:


He also narrated numerous documentaries, and was talented enough to play a wide range of characters, although his heroic 'flight suit' characters stick out in my sci-fi fan's mind. I will always remember him in his blue flight suits, whether it be Frank Murphy, Nathan Bridger, or Heywood Floyd.

Goodbye Chief Brody, you will be missed.

Captain Bridger vs. The Aliens: (In SEAQUEST DSV)

"The ship[Seaquest] had been forcibly abducted from Earth by the KrayTaks from the planet Hyperion in the second season finale, who used Bridger's friendship with Scott Keller to lure the boat into their clutches. While on Hyperion, the seaQuest was apparently destroyed and Bridger's away team completely cut off. With no choice, Bridger chose to sacrifice himself and his crew to destroy the Hyperion mothership and lead the rebels to victory."

In Blue Thunder, as "Frank Murphy" (the 1st Frank Murphy before Peter Weller's Robocop), we are introduced to the now infamous "Black Helecopter."

A super surveillance helecopter developed by conspiratorial forces within the United States government. Frank is to test the copter, but realizes that "Big Brother" is going to use it to spy on and kill dissidents.

A true classic with real death-defying stunts and NO CGI!

Roy, you're now riding with the angel sweetheart...

Catch ya later.


Anonymous said...

Roy Richard Scheider will be known forever the the police Chief Brody in Jaws!
If you think of Scheider every single time, Jaws appeared in your head!

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