Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kick Ass Mike Donovan Gloves

Magnum PI had a Tiger's Hat, and an army belt. Macgyver had an Avirex jacket and a Calgary Flames Hat. Indiana Jones had a Fedora and a whip.

Mike Donovan had a Dodgers Hat and "Roper Gloves."

That is correct, the only form of this glove I've seen anywhere is linked above, and I did get me a pair from this company. Marc Singer can be seen in many episodes wearing the tan one-button snap roper gloves that are almost a vintage style these days. Macgyver was also seen wearing these as well. You will not find them anywhere for under 40 dollars, here's why: these are high quality long-lasting gloves, not cheap garden gloves. Mainly once used by ranchers ("cattle roping gloves"), now replaced by all sorts of new fangled looking 'hi-tec' Carhart type crap. I bought these same ones on Amazon from the above link, and yes they are good quality and will probably last a long time, and very comfortable. They are also custom sized, and not made in CHINA so far as I know. They are good quality, and the closest thing to Donovan's gloves. The only real difference, which is almost hard to even really tell by watching the show, is on the inside palm of the glove, reinforced stitching. Get the "Tan" style, and measure your palm across and all the way around with a tape measure. With a little help from do-it-yourself 'distressing' of the leather, you got a virtual replica of the "Mike Donovan Gloves." See this site for help on distressed style:

Basically, I mixed up some rubbing alcohol with liquid shoe polishes, black and brown, and you'll get a darker color, while the alcohol helps to age and wrinkle it a little bit. Once your tan roper gloves are 'distressed' you'll have a pair that looks almost identical to Marc Singer's. Have fun!

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