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V: The Japanese Manga

Yup, that's right. In 1989 a japanese manga version of the television series V by Kenneth Johnson was done, supervised by: Go Nagai, painting: Yasuda TATSU
  • 「悪魔の来訪者~Visitor~」(上巻) 勁文社 "Visitors to the Visitor to the devil" (上巻) 勁文Inc.
  • 「勝利~Victory~への道」(下巻)勁文社 "Victory to the road to victory" (下巻)勁文Inc.
Two japanese pages describe the manga:

Rough translations of the descriptions on these pages through internet translators are:

One day suddenly, the huge UFO each of the earth's cities emerged. The whole world into a vortex of terror involving alien is a surprisingly friendly message to send.Visitor commander in chief John is a global conference to the UN Secretary General and hope. Tumultuous conference stepped onto the visitor figure of the human itself. Visitor and community life starts in a competent scientist who disappeared, and military functions and paralysis.They visitor to distrust held microphone, unaccompanied infiltrated the UFO mother ship.

上巻 1989年 2月10日発行 <悪夢の来訪者> 上巻February 10, 1989 issued
下巻 1989年 2月10日発行 <勝利への道> 下巻February 10, 1989 issued
勁文社刊 勁文's publication

" Kenneth Johnson of the American TV program is a dynamic professional KOMIKARAIZU.

Supervising editor / Go Nagai, painting / Yasuda TATSU.

Young biologist Julie ... The enemy commander of Diana's is a dynamite woman like a whip and torture is becoming MECHA. ビジターとの子供を生むロビンがぶちゃいくで,やはり「宇宙人の好みって変なの」って思った記憶あり。 Visitor Robin and the children are spotted YAIKUDE produce the same "space tastes so weird," I thought and memory.

ケイブンシャの大百科別冊全2巻(勁文社) separate two volumes (勁文)
上巻 「悪魔の来訪者~Visitor~」 上巻 "visitors to the Visitor to the devil"
突然世界中の大都市の上空に現れたUFO。 In major cities around the world suddenly appeared in the sky over the UFO. その目的は友好という‥‥宇宙からのビジターたちはマスコミをうまく利用し,地球にとけこもうとする。 The purpose is a friendly ............................. visitor from outer space who is the media to take advantage of the earth and TOKEKOMOU. 報道カメラマン,マイク・ドノバンはビジターたちを調べてるうちに,彼らのおそるべき正体と目的を知る‥‥。 Press photographer, Mike Donovan is a visitor who check you out, their identity and purpose OSORUBEKI know .............................. マイクと同じく周囲で異変に遭遇した人達は,ビジターに対抗するレジスタンスを組織する。 Mike catastrophe around the same people who encounter the visitor to counter resistance to the organization.
下巻 「勝利~Victory~への道」 下巻 "Victory to the road to victory"
ビジターの目的は水資源だけでなく,政府ほか社会の要人を洗脳し,人間たちを飼い慣らし,食料として従属させることであった。 Visitor's goal is to water resources, as well as other government social dignitaries to brainwash the people to飼I慣RASHI, food as a subordinate that. レジスタンスたちは,ビジターに致命的なバクテリアの培養に成功した。 Resistance of the visitor fatal bacterial culture of success. 人類はおそるべきビジターに勝利することができるのか!? Mankind has OSORUBEKI visitor can win! ?

Go Nagai started his most famous work, Devilman. Also created in the same year was Mazinger Z. Mazinger Z also started the super-robot trend that dominated the 1970's.

Some of Go Nagai's more recent anime projects have been Shin Getter Robo, Devilman Lady TV and Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman. He is also putting out more manga now than ever.

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