Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scott Bakula INVADERS!

There's some images here:

...but not much real serious info that I can find about this old miniseries.


Scott Bakula

Elizabeth Peña

Richard Thomas

Delane Matthews

Richard Belzer

Roy Thinnes

Earth has been besieged by clever aliens who, after inhabiting a human body, become an environmentalist's worst nightmare: they live off carbon monoxide, smoke incessantly, love car fumes, and even murder ecologists. Nolan, a handsome, strapping everyman, has just been released from prison, but is soon framed for the murder of a doctor who was aware of the aliens' presence. Nolan teams up with the dead medic's fiancee to investigate the matter. Together, they are in a race against time, with David's life -- and Earth's future -- at stake.


Based on the 1960's television show.

Originally broadcast on the Fox Network on Nov. 12 and 14, 1995.

Additional cast: Mario Yedidia, Jack Kehler, Lindsey Ginter, J. Marvin Campbell.

Produced in association with Papazian-Hirsch Entertainment.

Actor Roy Thinnes, who starred in the original TV show "The Invaders", reprises his role as David Vincent.

Still not available in REGION ONE DVD... and now only apparently an OOP 80 dollar Region 2 is even remotely available...

MOVIEGOODS appears to have some expensive posters left for sale on their site though.

...still looking for a decent download, dvd, or digital version...any ideas?


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