Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Conspiracy to NOT Put these Shows on DVD

So, from time to time, I check again, get pissed off, to discover yet again, that these movies/shows are not yet on DVD.

Here are three picks that NEED to be DVD. One isn't, nor ever has been available on video in THE USA!


Okay, not an alien show, but a conspiracy show. I figure it applies here to be sure, as the theme has been done with aliens before it. In the same vein as NOWHERE MAN, which thankfully is available on DVD, and highly recommended.

This show didn't last, but like Lone Gunmen, Nowhere Man, Millennium, and other shows which had promise, and were worthy of continuation were cancelled. So give us this show on DVD please, and if anybody knows where to download it, please let us in.


This strange movie starring James Spader, and the now missing in action actress, Belinda Bauer
was a unique alien chase TV flick, that for some reason has stuck with me all these years. Of the same production value as Invaders below, this film, which is like STARMAN, has always haunted me for some reason, and I'd like to see it again. Never available on video in the USA, for some reason (another conspiracy.) Men in Black chase Bauer around, who turns out to be an alien like Jeff Bridges in Starman. Some car chases, violence, but essentially an alien-romance story.


Yes here we are again, and still no INVADERS on DVD. Available currently used, quite cheaply at

Its movies like these when they aren't available on DVD or even on video at all, I'd like to encourage piracy. I don't have the technical means, but I say again, if these fucking studios can't produce stuff that people will buy from them on DVD, then screw them. By not making it available encourages downloading and piracy, keep it up assholes, and people will come up with their own new video format.

Put these on DVDs you greedy scum, or we'll keep uploading, downloading and Youtubing them, until you're out of business, so stop complaining about bad ticket sales, and put something good on DVD.

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