Friday, December 21, 2007

V Enemy Visitor Figures

R.G. Potter has created a custom V Figure at his RGP FX. He has a whole bunch of creations at his website.

Click here to get to his V Alien page.

Over at X-Entertainment, a serious doll-collector has a fully illustrated feature on the original "V Enemy Visitor" Doll, complete with moving graphics, and flicking reptile tongue.

"I'm firmly certain that dolls were conceptualized millions of years ago only to ensure the creation of the Enemy Visitor. This was God's work. God loved V."

This guy(or girl) claims that the inspiration for the Dolls feature is all because of the V Enemy Visitor Doll. Okay, well, anyway, its got some nice crystal clear photos of the doll and all its unique attributes.

As I reported earlier about the Julie Parish doll from South America, I tried to get the ebay seller to provide better photos, and he met halfway, I guess he doesn't know what 'clear' and 'blurry' means.

He relisted the item, now with a new photo of Julie's head.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. It appears that Julie is a rather cheap generic cupie-type doll, with nothing more than a new "V" package and outfit. (But she does come with a gun.) This V Doll is certainly not worth the hundred dollars he's asking for it, and we'd all be better served if R.G. Potter made the entire cast of V in figures that are half the quality of his original custom V Enemy Visitor.

But, I suppose its
worth noting the existence of this doll, and it offers the question, Is there a Mike Donovan doll as well? And does he look like Howdy Doody with a pistol?

Speaking of Mike Donovan and his pistol, I managed to find these rarities on ebay as well. One looks to be a cheapo knockoff, and the other a cheapo-original "Mike Donovan" V Pistol. The "In-V-ader" logo is a nice cheesy touch, don't you think? I actually used to have the Coibel 'Walther PPK' below, as it came in a "James Bond oo7" kit, without the fake alien trigger guard you see on this one. I imagine this Mike Donovan pistol is a prime collectible as I have never actually seen one before.
Anyway, enjoy the pics and links, there's always new old V stuff turning up, that somehow existed back then even though we V Fans never actually saw them anywhere. (Mostly because for some reason South America had crap-loads of V Merchandise, lucky bastards.


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