Monday, December 17, 2007

Wil Wheaton is not very Awesome

"Anyone remember the series based on "V"? I think this would be a similarly steaming pile of anti-awesome."

Wow. What might this have to do with my Alien Resistance blog? Besides the fact that I hate Star Trek (well, every series but the one with Shatner) and think that this jackass wasn't worth paying to act on that show? He's an arrogant little shitcock who somehow believes that a "They Live" TV series 'won't work.'

Yes, well, we're glad to know what you believe, fruitboy. He is seriously out of touch with what kind of crap that's been on TV lately, not to mention, he looks to be stuck in some sort of self-imagined blog-fame. He's decided to let us know that it won't work in his comments @

Well, I'm sorry to tell you there Gordy, but perhaps its time you graduated from your total dorkhood, and dickheadhood, and got over yourself. Perhaps you should wait until you watch at least one episode before you make your immature decrees and proclaimations.

Most certainly, if John Carpenter does decide to do a They Live TV series, with Roddy Piper, who is a better actor than you could ever hope to be (and that's not saying much), not to mention, you smarmy jerk, Piper became a cult-icon, the dude's a freaking "G.I.Joe" now...

...but seriously, we will all thank Mr. Carpenter, and God, for not casting you in it.

Listen, Wesley, perhaps you don't understand why people LOVE They Live, and V.

Here's what Wil had to say about it:

"I don't see how this could possibly work as a TV series. The movie itself is about 20 minutes of really good story wrapped in hilariously awful 80s action movie filler.

Anyone remember the series based on "V"? I think this would be a similarly steaming pile of anti-awesome."

I guess you're entitled to your worthless opinions there Wesley, but its a Bad idea there Wil to piss off Sci-Fi fans, and let them in on that Hollywood love of yours. Its clear to us how you must view yourself judging from your narcissistic blog, and how cool you think you are. Guess what Gordy, there's an audience for both a V and a They Live series. And as in the RETURN OF THE X-FILES, there will be room for the return of Joe Nada, and Mike Donovan. Nobody is looking for a return of Wesley Crusher, I can honestly guarantee you that, and as for the rest of your washed up career, all I can say is... sorry it didn't work out for you there, it seems its turned into a steaming pile of ANTI-AWESOME. We gather from the popularity of your worthless character on Star Trek, and how many appearances(or lack of) in the Next Generation films, that you truly were the star. Perhaps because of your attitude, you excelled in being useless. You're not JUST A GEEK, you're a jackass. You're as good a critic as you are an actor, and anyone who browses your Star Trek reviews (even though I hated the Next Generation) can see just how much of a prick you are.

Oh, and hey Wil-Fucking-Wheaton, notice I didn't link to your worthless blog, howabout a link for SHATNERVISION instead?

Did you notice Wil, that's Shatner up there being honored, not YOU?

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