Thursday, January 3, 2008

Alien Resistance Movement Rant

Perhaps I love THEY LIVE, V, BUCKAROO BANZAI and EARTH FINAL CONFLICT for many reasons, but one is possibly that they aren't from George Lucas.

Yes, I hate George Lucas, more than I hate the Star Trek Saga, or E.T.

I loved Star Wars when I was a kid, along with Indiana Jones and almost anything George Lucas did. THX 1138, is a personal favorite, until it also was re-envisioned with new CGI crap.

George Lucas is the enemy of cinema. As much an enemy to cinema as aliens are to Mike Donovan.

George Lucas is an alien within the world of cinema, and his disruption of it began with Star Wars.

The "blockbuster" wasn't invented by Lucas, this term dates back to the movies when George Lucas was still picking his nose in Modesto, California.

George Lucas invaded the realm of science fiction, after tricking us with his THX-1138 faux-orwellian dystopia. We bought it, we thought, 'hey, this guy's got something to say, let's let him in here.' We were all wrong. George Lucas came to destroy science fiction, and movies.

He co-opted the 'special effects' industry, called it his own, and turned it into a factory of spectacular crap. Sure, the special effects in Star Wars were groundbreaking, but not because of George Lucas at all. He takes the credit, buys the companies after he uses them, but he is in no way responsible for the creativity within them. Ralph McqUarrie created 'Boba Fett,' and everything we see visually as Star Wars. This fact may interfere with the mythology he has created around himself--that he's some cinematic genius, or the next Frank Herbert or J.R.R. Tolkien, but this is the biggest load of crap. George Lucas nothing but a fairly clever narcissistic thief.

I won't stand for it. I don't care what this turd produces. Its tainted, and its stolen, and it isn't even seductive any more.

I don't care how bad people say "THEY LIVE" or "V" or "EARTH FINAL CONFLICT" is.

I don't care if the effects aren't as good as Star Wars. These films have a heart of gold, and even though Earth Final Conflict turned to shit after the second season, the original first two seasons are still better than anything George Lucas could have ever crapped out of Skywalker Ranch. They have meaning, and they have something to say. Something beyond a formula of mystical crap, a formula cast stolen from Japanese films, and regurgitation of science fiction sagas into one cram packed fast-edited mindnumbing spectacle of sewage.

THEY LIVE is true science fiction. V is both science fiction and social commentary. Earth Final Conflict is very much like V, and Buckaroo Banzai is more than a flashy 80s new-wave B-movie with some silly twists. They all have something deeper to say, that is much more interesting than sci-fi-ized new-age philosophies and total plagiarism of Akira Kurosawa movies.

Perhaps these alien invasion films, and TV shows, including the X-Files are all very similar, and not exactly totally new, the originality in them shines in each individual show, and the creators are clearly trying to do something important. Their dreams for these films are more than selling action figures and T-shirts.

They Live had virtually no merchandise, if any at all. You'd be hard pressed to find V mechandise beyond a clever Lizard-Face doll, and some spin off novels. Earth Final Conflict? Not so much as an action figure. Buckaroo Banzai would appear to be made to sell dolls...there was a comic book, and that is as far as they went.

These 'Hollywood' sci-fi B shows weren't made to sell toys and create a vast empire of money-making schemes spun from a pilot-movie project. STAR WARS and LUCASFILM was.

In several documentaries and biographies of Lucas, it is told that he was busy trying to get merchandizing, toy, and comic book deals before he had even filmed ONE SINGLE FRAME of Star Wars.

Star Wars wasn't some independant film, or dream of some visionary, it was intended to be nothing but a multimillion dollar merchandizing franchise, and anybody who believes differently is a sad stupid easy mark...a victim.

"'re not the only one to wake up out of their dream."
--Joe Nada


Raul said...

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