Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lone Gunmen: Back From the Dead

Bruce Harwood...Dean Haglund...Tom Braidwood

BACK FROM THE DEAD? To return to their roles in a PARODY/SATIRE of the Original LONE GUNMEN Television series... is true. It is not a rumor.

Dean Haglund is preparing to make the film, "BACK FROM THE DEAD," and return the original actors to a humorous throwback to the three characters who made the LONE GUNMEN famous.

Set to be financed and produced in 2008, Haglund discussed the plans on his Podcast show, "From the Heart of Hollywood."

Is this awesome news or what?

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Anonymous said...

Oh... goodness. Not a rumour? Oh, I pray. This would probably move myself to tears of joy, or hysterics, or both. Here's hoping there are no problems in production!

- Mag