Wednesday, January 2, 2008

George Lucas Now to Rip off the X-Files...

I say screw INDIANA JONES. Yes, the new Indiana Jones, and George Lucas.

Lucas tells Vanity Fair:

"Besides possibly giving Indy more of a family, the movie also gives our hero more supernatural material than ever before. "Indiana Jones [movies] aren't action movies," Lucas tells the mag. "They're primarily mysteries with a supernatural object. So it's kind of like 'X-Files.' 'X-Files' came out of this idea — instead of taking archaeological objects, they took Bigfoot and aliens and psychological mythology instead of the physical — but it amounts to the same thing."

No, you asshole, the X-Files DIDN'T come from your ideas, not from Indiana Jones, or Star Wars, or anything your juvenile feeble and uncreative mind could ever possibly comprehend.

Indiana Jones movies ARE action movies, and if you try to turn them into the X-Files, you're insane, the X-FILES Sequel is coming out this summer, and I'll see it ten times just to piss you off you bastard.

I hope when you rip off scenes from X-Files (as is traditional for Lucas to literally lift scenes, props, and characters from other science fiction films), Chris Carter sues your worthless ass for enough money to make 20 more X-Files movies, which will most likely be better than your Star Wars crap, and Indiana Jones sequels.

And there could be more overlap than ever before — especially when it comes to those pesky aliens. Combining the movie's time frame (1957) with one of the flick's shooting locations (New Mexico) seems to indicate an Area 51 theme.

"It's important for us that there's a real supernatural mystery going on," Lucas said. "Only Indiana Jones movies are supernatural-mystery movies. They're always going after some supernatural object. It's not a pretend object. It's not something that we made up. It's something that actually exists, or people believe exists — whether it does or not is in dispute. But for every person who says, 'I don't believe that,' there's another person who says, 'Well, I believe it. I heard about it, and I saw it and there's stories.' "

Well, yes, it WAS about this, until the Crystal Skulls, or should we go back to the Temple of Doom, the most adolescent view of Hinduism ever conceived. If Lucas thinks his films are based in any sort of reality, he is further deluded. Yes, Lucas you "made up" that crap with the Shankara Stones, and completely misunderstood the foundational basis for the crap you wrote. You're a bad filmmaker, and you're a thief. And by the way, aliens are not fitting for an Indiana Jones movie, in any way, shape or form, and I guarantee you that no Indiana Jones fan wants to see aliens at the end of the Temple of the Crystal Skulls. I believe I am going to pull a 'Phantom Menace' on this movie, and do what the star-wars-purists did in protest, and buy a ticket for another film coming out at the same time, and check out this pile of dung so I can rail on it here on my blog.

I am so sick of George Lucas and his lies, ENOUGH!

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