Thursday, January 17, 2008

Joseph Cambell Sucks

I love it! "Eight Reasons Why the Hero's Journey Sucks" is an article on read it here.

"Riding on the track Campbell laid down will get you a cheesy story about the most specialest guy in the universe, who saves everybody with a little help from his companions and who gains a wonderful spiritual "boon" that enriches everybody along the way. Save it for high fantasy. We'd rather have a variety of messy stories in our science fiction."

Yes, AlienResistanceNews hates George Lucas and the Bantha he rode in on. I suppose because we love the classical B-movies, and the rich-in-subtext alien invasion stories, because as outlandish as they all are: they are grounded here on earth.

You may argue that Lucas and his Star Wars filth is all about American politics, but I think its just meant to appear that way.