Thursday, January 31, 2008

Star Trek vs. Star Wars: A Phony Shell Game

So there's this feud between Star Trek and Star Wars fans that has been going on for years. Both sides seem to think that the entirety of all science fiction comes from two perspectives: Star Wars or Star Trek. I have a totally different opinion on this matter.

Ask a Star Wars fan what he thinks about the world, and you might get some mystical bullshit about hokey mysterious forces that rule the cosmos, and super powers, and revolutions that must be fought in order to 'restore balance.'

Ask a Star Trek fan what he thinks about the world, and you might get this bullshit answer about boldly going somewhere, developing better spaceships, and discovering answers that are somewhere out there in the cosmos, and 'joining the galactic community.'

Okay, one side is all dewey-eyed about inner mystical shit, and how we must become enlightened and find this 'great power' inside ourselves. Something along the lines of maybe Scientology or Transcendental Meditation. (There are of course weirder fans who entertain the idea of building an intergalactic empire and dressing up in black, but this is not the majority.) The concept of men in robes who can't get married running the government, and sometimes 'voting' for queens, is a bit disturbing to me.

This other side, with their baby-blue flag of the galaxy, and this phony 'tolerance' campaign about how we must accept bloodthirsty alien klingons into our political systems, and that life is all about wandering around living in a tin can, eating synthetic foods, and leaving your families back home to die alone while you galavant around in the name of some United Federation, meddling in the lives of other planets, hoping they'll join your secular crusade, COUNT ME OUT!

I offer to you, that these far out and somewhat esoteric shows are a pile of shit, and both sides are really a shell game designed to keep you from reading and watching REAL science fiction. They follow these shows like a cult, a massive cult, with little 3 1/2 inch idols that fill their rooms and all sort of other bizarre ritual accoutriments like phallic glowing wands, fake ears, strange hand gestures, and coded conversations, as well as redundant phrases.

They don't want you to know about Harlan Ellison, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, H.P.Lovecraft, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury or even George Orwell.

The idea of human beings being normal, in the midst of a science fiction story, how silly, they say. We must find the 'uber-man' inside us, join secret societies of Jedi, whose initiation is a special blood test, OR, we must erase our sovereignty and our 'isolationist' egos and join the big happy blue-flagged fleet of everyone wearing the same uniforms, ditching our cultural heritages for the sake of the exploration of the big empty black vacuum that is space.

I say, screw this two sided world of phaser vs. blaster, and their idiotic alien contrivances. We live on earth baby, and there's plenty of science fiction happening right here, and when science fiction was once allegory, it was the shit. When it becomes mysticism to influence you to become what it is, instead of a cautionary tale, its propaganda. Sick propaganda.

Give me my Fox Mulder and my Joe Nada, and the rest of the regular Joe Blows who inhabit real sci-fi, and lets be done with these veiled Wagnerian cryptofascist globalist fairytales.


Raul said...

Globalist? You visit PrisonPlanet at all?

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